Jana Gorder

Jana Gorder is a Staff Accountant at SCALE Finance.

Jana started her career as an administrative and commercial manager in Brazil in 2004, at Cross Commerce and Advisory, leading multiple locations simultaneously across the State of Sao Paulo. Duties included coordination of the sales force in B2B industry, managing business operations, establishing and implementing productivity training, and was also responsible for reinforcing the customer/distributor relationship.

Moving to the US in 2013, Jana started specializing in the accounting field.  Now with over 3 years of combined experience in accounting and tax preparation for various segments in business. Jana was partnered with the New York based accounting firms, Stephens Bros Tax Services and Brazilian Solutions, where she was responsible for business and individual tax preparation for US residents and foreign taxpayers. Previously Jana was an accountant and Administrative Manager for Currit Ventus, a Texas based freight company executing projects nationwide. There Jana was responsible for the full accounting cycle and all financial reporting, while also managing different projects across the country.”

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