Makenzie Marino

Makenzie is a Senior Associate, Talent Search at SCALE Healthcare.

Makenzie graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Medical Humanities. Prior to joining SCALE, she was in recruiting and account management for both pharmaceutical and healthcare staffing agencies. 

During her time as a Placement Coordinator for a healthcare staffing company, she was responsible for client and vendor facing day-to-day activities, serving as the liaison between agencies and hospitals while leading the development and placement of physicians and nurses in hospitals across the U.S. Makenzie’s skills include inbox and calendar management, interview coordination, job entry and candidate management through VMS and Cloud platforms, assisting with onboarding and credentialing, planning and executing conferences and events for various hospitals, and more.

In this position, Makenzie will be able to assist both the Talent Search team as well as the Marketing and Communications team. Her hybrid role will allow her to aid SCALE in succeeding on both teams, where she will assist with Corporate Events as well as with Talent Search.

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