Michal Bazan

Michal is an Analyst, RCM at SCALE RCM.

Prior to joining SCALE RCM, Michal worked as an Analyst at EMU Health where he was closely involved in revenue cycle management, accounting, and IT/EMR systems administration. During his career at EMU Health, Michal created Power BI data models, reports and dashboards for executive staff use, that analyzed and classified current, past, and estimated future budget, revenue, physician performance and supply usage, based on insurance, specialty, time-period, etc. In May 2018 for his hard work, dedication and commitment to the company, Michal received the Employee of the Month award.

In 2014, Michal moved to New York where he started working as an IT Support Technician and Web Administrator at Polish Student Organization.

Michal graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Rzeszow University of Technology. He continued his education toward his Master’s degree while simultaneously working at SoftSystem as a Software Test Engineer.

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