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SCALE Marketing Project Management Process

All SCALE projects follow a rigorous process based on continuous improvement

Marketing is most effective when tied to the overall business strategy and coordinated with other disciplines such as payor contracting, facilities, and operations.


Understand the current state

Deeply understand the current state of marketing efforts, how they are performing, who is managing them, and how they’re communicated internally. Understand overall goals.


Conduct a competitive analysis

Conduct a competitive analysis with the platform’s top competitors including website features, search rankings, social media content, advertising, and messaging.


Provide recommendations

Develop recommendations for top marketing initiatives to meet goals, stay within budget, and provide the best ROI.


Develop marketing calendar

Develop a calendar of deliverables, execute on recommendations, and implement a system for tracking progress and reporting for on-going status transparency.


Monitor results and performance

Monitor results and performance, demonstrate that results achieved align with originally communicated goals; identify the next round of value-add target initiatives to achieve evolving marketing initiatives.

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