Matt SteflBranding and Market Strategy

    Matt Stefl

    Matt Stefl is the Chief Advisor of Branding and Market Strategy at SCALE Healthcare Marketing.

    Matt has two decades of creative marketing experience and has touched every aspect of the business from media to creative to brand and communications strategy.  Matt draws from a diverse resume of clients and categories including Google, Venmo, Beats by Dre, Wonderful Company, Honda, Toyota, Turbo Tax, Nestle, Dole, Bank of America, and more.

    Matt joined Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business Administration in 2014 as Clinical Professor and Co-Director of the M-School ( program.  In addition to teaching, he enjoys a variety of consulting and creative projects throughout the year.

    Matt has conducted research, published, and been quoted on the topics of creativity, intuition, talent and marketing education. In 2018, Matt published his first book entitled, Doing Business in the United States: A Guide for Small Business Entrepreneurs with A Global Mindset, with Business Expert Press.