SCALE Marketing – Overview

In today’s world of increased information sharing and savvy patients, strategic marketing has become even more important for physician platforms to increase their exposure, build brand awareness, attract new patients, and gain market share.

However, many physician groups do not have the time or resources to implement, maintain, and track the progress of their marketing efforts. SCALE Marketing helps our physician partners navigate their initiatives while providing insight into industry best practices, encouraging continual progress, and overseeing inter-departmental communication. We place significant importance on setting, measuring, and adjusting Key Performance Metrics to ensure your marketing program provides the best ROI.

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Why SCALE Marketing?

We understand the common frustrations with healthcare marketing.

Strengthen Brand Identity and Awareness

We’ll help your brand clearly and consistently communicate your services offering to consumers.

Increase New Patient Foot-Traffic

We’ll help you increase new patient flow while reducing acquisition cost.

Optimize Patient Retention and Lifetime Value

We’ll help you improve patient retention and adherence, reducing your reliance on new pateints for growth.

Create Defined Marketing Programs

We’ll help you control and manage your marketing programs with clear KPIs for each stage of the patient lifecycle.


SCALE Marketing – Our Process


Understand the current state

Deeply understand the current state of marketing efforts, how they are performing, who is managing them, and how they’re communicated internally. Understand overall goals.


Conduct a competitive analysis

Conduct a competitive analysis with the platform’s top competitors including website features, search rankings, social media content, advertising, and messaging.


Provide recommendations

Develop recommendations for top marketing initiatives to meet goals, stay within budget, and provide the best ROI


Develop marketing calendar

Develop a calendar of deliverables, execute on recommendations, and implement a system for tracking progress and reporting for on-going status transparency.


Monitor results and performance

Monitor results and performance, demonstrate that results achieved align with originally communicated goals; identify the next round of value add target initiatives to achieve evolving marketing initiatives.

SCALE Marketing – Representative Work


Our Client’s practice was not showing up on the first page of an organic search for their keywords. They were staying busy with Medicare patients through hospital referrals, but their two main competitors were dominating the commercially insured market through direct to patient marketing. Our Client did not have a marketing partner to make recommendations, implement changes, and track progress of new marketing initiatives.


Our marketing team conducted a thorough gap analysis to understand the platform’s marketing goals as well as their unique value proposition, completed a competitive analysis, and developed near-term initiatives to help build their brand, raise their profile, and attract new patients.


Within one month, our Client saw a 20% increase in website users.


Marketing Experts

Claire Messina

Marketing & PR Manager

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