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Introduction to SCALE Healthcare

Building Modernized Healthcare Delivery Platforms That Yield Better Results


SCALE provides both the broadest and deepest range of solutions available to healthcare management teams today based on our fundamental belief that narrow solutions can’t solve for multi-disciplinary challenges

We are perfectly relevant to your business. We only work with healthcare services company

We are proven operators ready to help you, not just consultants.

We are proven operators ready to help you, not just consultants.

SCALE helps facilitate:

Who We Serve

A Confluence of Emerging Market Forces Are Driving a New Competitive Paradigm for Health Systems

Continued Health System Consolidation

Larger + More Dispersed = More Complex


Downward Pressure on Revenue

Continuing Shift to Outpatient & Value-Based Care


Increased Competition From Well-Resourced Players & New Market Entrants

Corporate MSOs, Payer Provider Networks, Technology Providers


Escalating Provider Costs and Physician Dissatisfaction

Increasing competition for a decreasing provider population


Increased Patient Access, Navigation & Care Coordination Complexity

Heightened Cost-of-Care Focus, Improved Technology, Expanded Site-of-Service Portfolio


The Emerging Health System of Tomorrow

The Drivers of Strategy & Success Are Shifting For Hospitals

To succeed in the context of these market trends, the emerging health system is increasingly being asked to achieve one coordinated corporate strategy while also remaining competitive across a growing portfolio of distinct underlying businesses, each requiring specialized business strategy.

Health systems are navigating through a migration from legacy strategies to adapt to a redefined health system reality.

The Redefined Health System Reality – Retooling for Success Across an Expanded Universe of Distinct Businesses

Business 1


Business 2

Employed Providers

Business 5

Virtual & Digital

Business 3

Affiliate Provider Network & Strategic Partnerships

Business 6

Home / Mobile Care

Business 4



Experiencing Material Market Transformation


The Emerging Health System of Tomorrow

A serious challenge in today's hospital landscape

  • Escalating physician compensation in an environment of constricting revenue
  • More competition for physicians leading to difficulty in recruitment and maintenance
  • Increasing access challenges
  • Competition from MSO similar organization in many markets
  • Clinical workforce demands from shorter work week to additional support staff
Physician dissatisfaction continues to have detrimental effects on health system performance:
  • Outsourcing or spinning off some physician specialties
  • Shared investment and control in clinical delivery resources
  • Introducing a shared MSO structure with physicians controlling the practice but remaining affiliated with health systems
  • Independent MSO/practice structure with capital partner & affiliation
New solutions are required which may include:

SCALE is Uniquely Positioned to Support Health System Strategic & Operational Objectives in the Modern Healthcare Landscape

SCALE is exclusively focused on optimizing multi-site healthcare networks across the country.

From Strategy to Execution – SCALE’s Service Portfolio is Tailored to Meet the Holistic & Practical Needs of Multi-Site Healthcare Networks

Consulting Services

Corporate Strategy, Growth & Transformation

  • Board Advisory
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Partnerships

Performance Improvement

  • Performance Improvement

  • Interim Leadership

  • Provider Recruitment & Retention

  • People & Organizational Structure

Transaction Services

  • Due Diligence

  • Post-Close Integration

  • MSO Development / Formation

Turnaround & Restructuring

Cost Management

  • Evaluation & Execution

Functional Capabilities

Role of the Advisory Panel


  • SCALE Hospital and Health System Partnership Group
  • Purpose
  • Develop a forum of hospital and health system executives across health care delivery organizations, for the purpose of enhancing knowledge exchange, identifying trend development, sharing best practice, exploring cutting edge technology, and sharing potential innovative partnership possibilities within the industry.
  • Current Market Paradigm
    -How does SCALE Healthcare consulting add value to health system executives with a particular eye towards physician engagement?
  • Evolving Market Paradigm 
    -How does SCALE Community provide health systems access to physician & MSO leadership?
    -How does the Advisory Board contribute to SCALE Community?

Advisory Panel Logistics

  • Frequency
  • The Partnership Group will meet by video conference every other month to explore various topics of interest and information sharing exchange.
  • First meeting to be held February 21, 2024, 4PM
  • Agenda
  • The meeting will be a mix of presented topics by content experts, information sharing, discussion, followed by questions and dialogue on the identified topic. SCALE will organize the agenda, speakers, and invitation for the meeting.
  • Membership
  • Membership is intent for VP to executive level individuals within health systems. The role of the group is to provide bi-directional knowledge sharing and opportunities for growth.

Working With SCALE – A User-Friendly Experience

  • From the engagement process to project execution to maintaining our on-going institutional relationship, SCALE aims for a user-friendly, partnership-driven experience.
    • To us, a successful engagement means both results achieved & holistic goodwill created.
  • We look forward to earning your health system’s trust. Start with our Preliminary Assessment offering designed to provide new clients with a resource & cost-efficient way to get to know SCALE through a value-add initiative.
    • Determine a priority practical strategic or operational focus for your organization.
    • Collaborate with SCALE on a preliminary assessment to have our team assess the situation and provide its findings & recommendations through a formal Preliminary Assessment report.

Working With SCALE – A User-Friendly Experience

  • De-brief
    • Short call
    • Solicit feedback
  • Next meeting date
    • April 24, 2024 4PM

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