Compliance Blog with Lisa Melamed

Linkedin Envelope Lisa Melamed President, SCALE Compliance & Risk Management Lisa is a solutions-driven executive and Board Member with 18 years of experience providing operational

ASC Blog – Seth And Carl

How has the ASC space been changing over the last decade?


For me, coming from 13 years of ASC experience, when I started, there wasn’t much consolidation. I was with USPI at 130 centers, and we were focused on building really multi-specialty centers there. The trend’s been a lot more focused on consolidation, especially recently there was a migration from some of the higher acuity cases, like total joint and spine, and more recently a real focus on cardiology. But I think we’re seeing a lot more consolidation and focused approach around ASC development.

Marketing Blog – Lori And Catherine


I’ve been working within healthcare and marketing since 2006. Started off as a marketing director for several hospitals down in South Florida. At that point, was responsible for four hospitals, so a lot of multitasking, sharing best practices, really learning how to strategize across all boards and sharing dollars, stretching those dollars, to maximize all parties involved. Over eight years did that. Moved up into a VP of marketing role that covered 14 hospitals, 17 freestanding ERs, six urgent cares, over a hundred employed providers, overseeing, strategizing and managing the marketing budgets and plans for those asset points. And then moved into more of an account manager role, again, for healthcare clients, not necessarily hospital and health systems, but more in the financial payment solution space, healthcare SaaS, and the payer space. So pretty well versed, I would say. Primarily B2C physician marketing.

Data Analytics Blog – Lancer

So Lancer and Carlos, when a layman thinks about data analytics at 30,000 feet, how would you describe the craft, the science, just from an initial starting point? What is data analytics?

The ability to monetize data, to make money out of information. It’s all about business, process improvement. So you get a set of data, you take a look at it and it tells you what you need to do with your business to make it successful.

MSO Corollaries with Failure

Let’s go through some of the most important decisions, principles, rules, action steps that MSO leadership can go through to prevent a worst case scenario of high distress and enormous disruption that comes with really poor performance. What do you think is top of the list?

Health Systems

What’s the state of the hospital industry in the US today? What are the top three themes, concerns and opportunities that are occupying CEO and executives’ minds?

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