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SCALE Healthcare is based on the foundation of a singular focus – elevating management performance across healthcare services. 

We are dedicated to partnering with management teams across every city and state, and across every clinical specialty, as they in turn endeavor to build great healthcare services companies. 

Our value add is derived from a deep understanding of the many areas of expertise required to execute an invariably complicated healthcare company, and the time and effort we have invested in gathering, organizing, perfecting and then offering that expertise to our clients through a highly practical, efficient, and cost effective structure.

Let's SCALE together.

SCALE Healthcare is based on the foundation of a singular focus – elevating management performance across healthcare services. We are focused on the entire suite of operational advisory and diligence services exclusively to healthcare service organizations, with local team presence across 10 states.

Unlike the many consulting firms that offer more narrow and often more impractical solutions borne of limited or very general expertise, we rely on our team of 75+ carefully selected senior operational healthcare experts to ensure we provide the most relevant and value added experience across the full range of management disciplines and clinical specialties that fall within healthcare services.

Strategic discipline.

Actionable intelligence.

Operational excellence.

SCALE was founded in 2019 by Roy Bejarano and Jason Schifman with a vision to help management teams and healthcare providers build modernized healthcare delivery platforms that yield better results.

Roy Bejarano

Roy Bejarano

Co-Founder & CEO

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We only work with healthcare services companies, making us perfectly relevant to your business.

We are proven operators, not just consultants, who speak from the experience of doing.

We pride ourselves on being cost effective and delivering tangible results.

We do more work with healthcare management teams – and over lengthier periods – than anyone.

Our clients love the SCALE experience – read our testimonials to hear for yourself.

We invest in our clients across all regions and alongside private equity groups if requested.

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We have greatly valued the character, professionalism and work ethic of the entire SCALE team. SCALE offered us a unique blend of behavioral health expertise, exemplary leadership in management, and executive discipline and support resources. By working together with SCALE, our company was able to accelerate our growth and development, as well as enhance our management oversight program and analytics-driven performance monitoring. SCALE has proven to be true partner and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate together.
Prof Dr Anto Bonci / Francesco Del Governatore
Founder & Executive Chairman / CEO

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