Lynda Mischel

Lynda Mischel is a Senior Managing Director, Consulting and Ambulatory Surgery

Lynda has spent her career successfully leading groups through growth into new markets as well as implementation of new products and services for multiple organizations. Lynda has held senior leadership positions at both regional and national healthcare providers and healthcare insurance companies.  She has been chosen to lead large and small physician organizations as well as clinical operations in health systems. Lynda has directed the development and expansion of health care service lines across numerous specialties and has experience with all phases of healthcare organization development from facility planning and construction management to operational procedures, financing and restructurings.  She has led significant merger and integration activity across the clinical sector.

Prior to SCALE, Lynda was a Principal at Mischel and Associates responsible for providing consulting services to numerous organizations seeking business development guidance, readiness assessments, change management and operational performance improvement, and restructuring of organizations to maximize profitability, efficiency and poise clinical organizations for growth. Clients include healthcare services companies, independent physician organizations and health systems.

Prior to starting Mischel and Associates, Lynda was the CEO of Noble Health Alliance, an organization created by 4 major hospital systems in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area for the purpose of developing a population health management company. She is the former Chief Operating Officer for the University of Pennsylvania Health System’s Radiation Oncology and Proton Therapy Center where she was responsible for the planning, building and daily operation of the largest proton therapy program in the United States. She also held the position of Chief Operating Officer for United Healthcare’s Behavioral Health Division with oversight of numerous operations centers as well as strategic planning and operational oversight of all customer service, care management, account management and claims personnel.  With facilities nationwide and a staff of 1500 employees, she led the development of a 400-employee operations center in Houston and restructuring of the Philadelphia offices.

Lynda holds an MHA from Tulane School of Tropical Medicine and a BS from Southern Methodist University.  She has served on several boards including Manna, The Physician’s Integrated Network and the National Association of Proton Therapy.

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