Platform Strategy, Operations and Development



Platform Strategy, Operations and Development


SCALE was tasked with a ‘blank slate’ mandate for one of its clients. The Company was stable, had no debt and a positive cash balance, was cash flow positive and growing, but was looking for outside guidance on how to further improve its business and operations.


  • RCM Performance
  • Business Development Program
  • Site Oversight Program


SCALE reviewed the business and identified three key initiatives as well as subsequent initiatives and general strategic recommendations.

Reduce RCM Cost

Prepared detailed site-by-site analysis of billing fees, measured as a percent of collections and per visit.

Presented a case to the two largest vendors for reduced fees.

Manage Billing Vendors

Developed customized billing vendor dashboard showing key metrics such as days to bill, denial rate, down-code rate by Site.

Incorporated dashboard into monthly vendor meetings and pressed vendors to improve weak-performing sites.

Medium Term Billing Strategy

Compared vendor performance using customized dashboards.

Presented rational for in-house alternative. The Company is exploring potential billing company purchase.

Business Development Program

Identified a candidate who was eventually hired as a Business Development Associate, saving the Company monthly and referral fees.

M&A Program

Developed a list of 200+ targets based on key criteria. 

Used network of MDs and management to develop warm outreach to each target.

Site Oversight

Created an oversight program for ‘start-up’ and ‘turnaround site’.

Measured the ‘levers’ that determine profitability and advised which ones needed to be adjusted for each Site.


Cost Savings

Secured meaningful cost savings from several vendors totaling approximately $1M.

Culture of accountability with billing vendors, moving toward consolidating with best and cheapest vendor.  Continue to discuss in-sourcing options.

Established Roadmap for Growth

Developed marketing collateral and list of targets based on key demographics.

Reached out to several hundred select clients in select states during the first full month of roll-out.

Initiated conversations with multiple acquisition targets.

Site Performance Improvement

Improved performance at underperforming sites, reducing monthly losses.


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