SCALE Due Diligence Solutions

SCALE offers a comprehensive range of due diligence solutions to assist clients in making informed decisions regarding acquisitions, investments, and strategic partnerships. Our team of experts combines financial and operational experience with in-depth industry knowledge to deliver tailored solutions.

Due diligence services include buy and sell side diligence for provider groups and healthcare organizations as well as lenders, platform organizations, and investors. This work may include acquisitions preparation, financial review including quality of earnings, full diligence for platform development or tuck-in, marketing review, market research, and compliance.

The SCALE Difference

Financial and Operational Experience

Healthcare professionals with extensive financial and operational backgrounds, providing comprehensive insights and recommendations.

Marketing and Payer Contracting

In-depth knowledge of healthcare marketing strategies and payer contracting trends to assess potential market viability and profitability of target companies.

Customizable Services

Flexible solutions tailored to portions of the due diligence process or a comprehensive evaluation.

"SCALE'S in-depth diligence reports on specific initiatives always gives us a competitive advantage over our competition."


Fully Managed Diligence

Client Profile

23 Locations

Our Client is a highly acquisitive MSO with operations across seven states and seeking to continue its rapid add-on M&A activity across transactions of varying sizes from small solo practice tuck-ins to larger multi-site add-on acquisitions. SCALE achieved meaningfully discounted third-party diligence cost relative to the traditional approach of working with disparate third-party vendors across individual diligence workstreams by providing bundled, repeat diligence services.

SCALE Due Diligence Suite of Services

Diligence Advisory

Comprehensive advice on purchase, investment, or sale decisions, providing a deep understanding of the target company's performance, growth prospects, and potential risks.

Financial Evaluation

In-depth financial analysis including revenue projections, quality of earnings, cost structures, and profitability assessment, to support strategic decision-making.

Regulatory Compliance

Expertise in assessing and ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations, minimizing regulatory risks and ensuring adherence to legal requirements.

Market Analysis

Thorough market research and analysis, including competitive landscape assessment, customer segmentation, and growth projections, enabling clients to make informed market entry or expansion decisions.

Cybersecurity & Technology

Assessment of technology software & systems in place and review of cybersecurity structure and privacy policies.

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