Gain Control of Underperforming Assets With SCALE’s Turnaround & Restructuring Program

The SCALE T&R team is built on decades of experience in the provider performance space.   SCALE T&R Consultants have a broad set of skills that allow them to support the entire spectrum of provider business needs, in all specialties.  However, T&R consultants also possess additional, important character traits that set them apart:

  • Inquisitive mindsets that are highly focused on problem solving
  • An analytical approach to support innate experience
  • A deep respect for the medical profession of medicine and the important role it plays in society.

The SCALE Difference

Effectively Managing Underperforming Assets Takes a Coordinated, Multidisciplinary Approach

SCALE begins with the end in mind first-which is creating a business improvement plan and execution pathway that will lead to long term success, while maintaining the historical integrity of the business.

With the end product in mind, SCALE T&R engagements turns to Research & Analysis that draws on decades of domain and subject matter expertise to quickly identify the root causes of underperformance.

SCALE T&R projects are led by our core Operations team, but is frequently assisted by other key SCALE assets including SCALE RCM, Finance. Marketing, HR, and Payor Contracting, along with an array of industry specific SME’s to provide a holistic, deep approach to solution creation for our clients.

With this information, SCALE provides insight to and collaborates with Key Stakeholders to collaboratively build, test, and refine custom solutions that provides better:

▪ Foundational operational performance structure
▪ Scalability
▪ Utilization of Data Analytics to support decision making
▪ Objectivity, and realistic long-term pathways to success
Restructuring Team
Clinical Specialty Team
Core Operations Team

SCALE’s Healthcare Services Platform Combined with Turnaround & Restructuring Expertise Offers A Complete Business Solution

Core MSO
Clinical Specialty Management
Core Clinical Operations & Ancillary Services
SCALE Turnaround & Restructuring

SCALE’s healthcare services platform is designed to enhance results across the diverse range of domains that contribute to aggregate performance: facilitate performance clarity; gain an expert second opinion on strategic alternatives; enhance on-going execution.

Project Management Office
Execution Oversight & Leadership
Interim Leadership & Fully Managed Services

Suite of Services

Financial Analysis and Planning

SCALE delivers comprehensive financial analytics and specifies cost reductions and revenue enhancement opportunities.  Our team of experts complete scenario planning analysis to support client decision making.

Recapitalizations, Debt Conversions & Asset Sales

SCALE engages with key stakeholders to develop and effectuate restructuring transactions that position companies for sustainable outcomes. SCALE supports evaluation of balance sheet position, turnaround plan capital needs & potential asset sales. Leveraging its deep network of strategic & capital relationships, SCALE also helps support execution of potential capital raises through asset sales or secondary equity / debt transactions

Interim Leadership

SCALE offers interim management services across a wide variety of senior leadership positions including COO, CFO CRO as well as PMO leadership and staff.

Operational Analysis and Planning

SCALE domain experts evaluate operational performance in order to identify gaps and inefficiencies.  We partner with clients to develop sustainable interventions to improve local and corporate performance.

Process Improvement Execution

SCALE offers comprehensive services to manage change across an organization which may include project leadership, interim operational leaders, and interim financial leaders.

Project Management

Using SCALE for project and program management enables clients to quickly execute, build organizational confidence and produce sustainable outcomes.

Traditional Restructuring Services:

Approach Formal Restructuring Processes with Confidence, Empowered by Proven & Practical Restructuring Expertise

Creditor Advisory

Business model / plan & financial forecast – deep dive due diligence.

Evaluate the Company’s strategic restructuring alternatives & assess projected lender recovery rates.

Analyze restructuring plans & scenarios prepared by the Company.

  • Projection models
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • DIP budgets
  • Credit agreement advisory

Represent creditors in negotiations with debtor and debtor advisors.

Financial Restructuring

  • Lead execution of balance sheet restructuring, asset divestitures, and second debt / equity transactions

Debtor Advisory

Evaluate the Company’s current liquidity profile & cash position.

Reassess business plan & develop strategic alternatives.

  • Out-of-court vs. Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • Develop viable plan of reorganization; obtain creditor buy-in
  • Bankruptcy preparation

Establish communication protocols with key stakeholders, including the Company Board and its lenders.

Represent debtors in negotiations with creditors and creditor pool advisors. Fully-Managed Services.

  • CRO
  • Interim CEO
  • Interim CFO & Controller services

Financial Restructuring

  • Lead execution of balance sheet restructuring, asset divestitures, and second debt / equity transactions


DSO Turnaround Assessment

Client Profile

SCALE was engaged by a lender to assess a DSO business that is failing, and provide a recommended course of action to management to support closure, or stabilization & future success.


DSO Turnaround Assessment

Client Profile

40 Providers

SCALE was engaged by a lender to assess a DSO business that is failing, and provide a recommended course of action to management to support closure, or stabilization & future success.

Topics will include:

Examining Unique Characteristics of Lending to Healthcare Exploring Lender Strategies in Healthcare Markets Best Practice for Mitigating Risk on New & Existing Credits

Exploring Lender Strategies in Healthcare Markets Examining Unique Characteristics of Lending to Healthcare Best Practice for Mitigating Risk on New & Existing Credits

Best Practice for Mitigating Risk on New & Existing Credits Exploring Lender Strategies in Healthcare Markets Examining Unique Characteristics of Lending to Healthcare

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