Board & CEO Advisory

Our team of experts are skillfully adroit in advising Boards and the C-Suite with a shared and aligned vision to help a range of audiences (e.g. physician practices, hospital systems, private equity sponsors and lenders) perform and transform. Our practical and strategic focus assist executives in addressing complex challenges, assessing opportunities and providing unfettered access to salient information with a focus on rich, actionable outcomes and growth.

The SCALE Difference


Elevate management performance across healthcare clinical services & MSO functions.

Practical Insights

Provide meaningful strategic impact.

Deep Industry Expertise

Deliver rich wisdom and guidance to assist executives in achieving their goals.

Suite of Services

Optimizing Executive Communications

Enhance communications to make a lasting impression, understanding the importance of messages resonating with executives and their respective audiences.

Boosting Board Governance

Provide optimal solutions for improving governance practices and enhancing board performance. Maximize productivity and streamline decision-making.

Value Creation & Strategizing

Our value creation and strategic services specialize in maximizing profits to keep CEOs and executives informed and well-prepared to tackle the next challenge.

Advising & Executive Mentoring

Deliver expert guidance with a personalized approach in order to gain better insights and strategies to go from ‘good’ to ‘great. Includes navigating complex challenges, optimizing operations and developing leadership to help the executive team succeed.

Enriching Executive Presence & Persuasion

Promote coaching techniques in order to better assert leadership styles, communicate ideas effectively and persuade others to take timely action.

Delivering Expert Insights

Offer priceless and practical perspectives to ensure executives stay ahead of competition in order to meet and exceed goals.

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