Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez Carlos is the Senior Vice President, SCALE Data Analytics and I.T. Solutions. Carlos has 10 years of healthcare experience working with large health systems and physician services organizations. He has a passion for translating numbers and data into a compelling story of financial performance and opportunities. His experience in healthcare ranges from business […]

Lancer Seaman

Lancer Seaman Lancer Seaman is the Executive Partner, IT Systems & Enterprise Analytics. Lancer’s background includes over 30 years as a healthcare-focused Chief Information Officer with experience across practices, MSOs, hospitals and health care IT companies.  His experience has leveraged advanced disruptive technology solutions to assist healthcare organizations in overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges. His experience […]

Michal Bazan

Michal Bazan Michal is an Analyst, RCM at SCALE RCM. Prior to joining SCALE RCM, Michal worked as an Analyst at EMU Health where he was closely involved in revenue cycle management, accounting, and IT/EMR systems administration. During his career at EMU Health, Michal created Power BI data models, reports and dashboards for executive staff […]

David Kovel, MISM, CPHIMS

David Kovel, MISM, CPHIMS David Kovel is the Executive Partner, IT Systems & Population Health Analytics at SCALE Healthcare. David currently leads the information systems technology department as CIO for Continuum Health Alliance, a management services organization. He oversees all of Continuum’s technology services, operations, and applications, while supervising strategic planning to ensure that Continuum and its […]