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His value-based care expertise allows him to translate his knowledge into initiatives that health care teams understand and can implement to ultimately transform patient care.

Key Takeaways
Successful execution in risk-based models requires
investment in mostly additive teams, skillsets and
operational strategies relative to traditional fee-for-service care delivery
Effective value-based care draws upon specialized programs and a full team approach versus solely upon a MD-centric model. Achieving contract measures is not just an ask of the MD, it’s an ask of the office team.


One of the key reasons is that it is often more difficult for true progress toward value-based care to play out where you have health system laden markets.

Exploring Value-Based Care with Margaret Braxton

Geographic Proliferation of Value- and Risk-Based Reimbursement Models – Why Some States and Not Others?

5 %

Payers that believe APM activiy will increase in the next year

5 %

Payers that believe APM activiy will increase in the next year

5 %

Physicians that believe their practice lacks resources to support VBS

5 %

Payers planning to move independent practices to population-base payments in the next year

  • By 2030 CMS will have moved 62 million beneficiaries to value-based care models
  • Payers rapidly move providers to take risk arrangements for MA and ACA lines of business
  • Moving beyond “blocking and tackling” will be necessary to continue to drive savings/value
  • Private equity is investing heavily in primary care and value-based care
  • Health plans are diversifying to become health solution companies

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