SCALE Market Research

SCALE Market Research provides broad SCALE Healthcare landscape analysis and identifies opportunities in healthcare across the country, offering integral and insightful research to make the most informed investment decisions.

We combine experience as C-Suite executives for healthcare companies with decades of experience working with providers, specialists, and other stakeholders to produce best in class research for our clients. 

Our work analyzes regional competition, new patient/client opportunities, labor trends, market forecasting, positioning within care networks, and regulatory environment. Clients can utilize our services when interested in expanding into certain states or regions through potential acquisitions.

The SCALE Difference

We utilize our extensive national network to give our clients an accurate outlook and overview before deploying capital and making acquisitions in targeted regions.




SCALE Market Research benefits from the extensive collective experience of our seasoned team of healthcare operators, leaders, and executives, providing our clients with an exclusive insider’s perspective on the challenges and opportunities healthcare businesses face across the spectrum.


The SCALE Process

Identify Issue

Identify client goals and research parameters, conduct background research 

Connect with Stakeholders

Discuss internally and externally with healthcare experts and non-biased sources

Analyze Trend Data

Using data from reliable sources, assess market trends, regional patterns,

Assess Value Proposition

Consider acquisition target’s strengths and weaknesses in the context of long-term profitability

Make Final Recommendations

Work with client to make business decisions, especially when exploring new markets and  business models

Suite of Services

Competitive Analytics

Know the competition, their services, and targeting clients and/or specific patient populations allows businesses to strategize for the future

Market Analytics

Understand the distribution of competitors, labor, and untapped revenue sources to assess risk and reward of untapped markets

Patient Analytics

SCALE utilizes data from commercial payers, employer sponsored plans, and state and federal reimbursement data to inform important business decisions

Survey and Interviews

SCALE conducts primary research with internal and external stakeholders to get a new perspective on healthcare assets

Market Demand

When growing your business, understanding demand is vital. SCALE combines data with surveys and interviews to gauge patient populations and estimate future growth

Environmental Assessment

SCALE considers the broader context of business decisions by looking at long-term trends and regulatory environments


Skilled Nursing Facilities:
Market Study & Acquisition Analysis

SCALE was engaged to complete a market assessment and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) analysis of skilled nursing facilities (SNF) for the acquisition of a SNF only RCM company. The client sought guidance and insight on a facility’s decision to outsource its billing services to support their value-proposition and validate their acquisition strategy.

Client Profile

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