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Payers/Managed Care Groups Insights



Demystifying the strategy, opportunities and obstacles driving healthcare payers

Key Takeaways by Mark Jamilkowski:

  • Effective value-based care draws upon specialized programs and a full team approach versus solely upon a MD-centric model. Achieving contract measures is not just an ask of the MD, it’s an ask of the office team.
  • New approaches to problem-solving – for example, how to mitigate the care & financial cost of poor medication adherence across patients who cannot afford their medications.
  • Newly additive programs require investment – aim to match the pace of infrastructure development with the contract terms and progression to full risk so that your infrastructure maturity is ideally never too far ahead or behind the contract terms.


Roy Bejarano on the Future of Healthcare and Emerging Value-Based Care Models

“On this episode of The Scope, we are talking with Roy Bejarano. Roy is the Co-Founder and CEO of SCALE Healthcare, a healthcare consulting group that focuses on optimizing management teams for growth and sustainability. In this role, Roy is particularly focused on Management Service Organizations (MSO) and practice level operations as well as broad strategic and competitive dynamics across the country’s healthcare services landscape. “


SCALE Annual Predictions Report 2022

Healthcare Services Predictions for 2022 An excerpt of the full report is included below. Download the PDF for our full 2022 Annual Predictions Report with

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