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Performance Excellence for improved Health Plan membership and margins

Optimized Payer Network Performance

Payer ecosystem stakeholders are being asked to look beyond premiums and benefit plan design.

The market is demanding innovative solutions to manage the total cost of care, provide equitable access to care and improve health outcomes for all.

We can help.

Network Management and Provider Performance Optimization

SCALE’s network management and provider performance optimization team is comprised of experts in physician recruitment, contracting and population health management. Partnering with health plans to align care within high performing networks to contain care costs and improving the quality of care.

Sales and Distribution Channel Strategy

Scale can assist with your connection to employers through deploying a collaborative consultative sales approach with your sales team and insurance brokers. Expertise in selling within a highly competitive healthcare landscape.

Growth, Marketing and Client Retention

Member engagement and satisfaction are driving foundations of the SCALE marketing team. Bringing innovative education platforms to your membership to improve their health status and connections with providers.

Value Based and Total Cost of Care

Risk reimbursement models are here and expanding beyond primary care. SCALE provides the connection between providers across the care continuum to optimize provider performance in value based reimbursement models thus reducing the total cost of care.

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