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SCALE Healthcare is based on the foundation of a singular focus – elevating management performance across healthcare services. 

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The Art of Physician Consolidation

Now more than ever, individual physician practices face complex challenges and an unpredictable industry environment. One way to protect themselves from these challenges and the obstacles associated with evolving market dynamics is to grow.​


Growth can be beneficial regardless of whether a group wants to remain independent, or partner with a hospital, private equity investor or national healthcare company. Being part of a larger organization has many benefits that can enhance a group’s ability to survive and thrive in the uncertain future, most significantly by having a professional, corporatized infrastructure – such as advanced EMR, finance department, managed care contracting, population health expertise, billing/collection, HR and compliance functions, etc. – that can be shared by many, as well greater access to capital for strategic positioning, and weathering pandemics and economic downturns. Physician practices are thus faced with a very difficult decision – how do we grow? 

The following pages focus on why practice consolidations offer a broad range of benefits to stakeholders and can result in a more valuable or sellable platform in the future, or increase the likelihood of success in remaining independent. We at Scale healthcare, along with the expertise of our vast network of operating partners, have developed a playbook for executing a successful physician growth strategy, and believe that practice consolidation is a significant opportunity for many existing physician practices looking to grow. Together, SCALE and consolidating practices are able to tackle the unique complexities that come with combining business processes; all while creating significant value in both the short and long-term.

Most Popular Scale Education content

Provider Recruitment and Retention Tactics

We invite you to watch our latest webinar featuring an expert panel of physicians and healthcare management leaders as they tackle challenges and solutions for provider recruitment and retention

A glimpse at some of the topics covered:

What’s the big idea

Creative problem solving from Scale Education

is a program or initiative offered by SCALE Healthcare, a healthcare management consulting firm. This program is focused on helping healthcare organizations identify and convert strategic partnerships to improve their operations and overall performance.

The program likely involves a combination of training, consulting, and support to help healthcare organizations successfully navigate the process of finding and converting strategic partnerships. This may include identifying potential partners, assessing the fit and compatibility of each partnership, negotiating favorable terms, and successfully executing the partnership.

SCALE Healthcare’s expertise and experience in the healthcare industry, combined with their knowledge of best practices for finding and converting strategic partnerships, make them well-suited to help organizations in the healthcare industry succeed in this area.

Provider Recruitment and Retention

A growing Provider organization is not only competing with their fellow practices but with a slew of other competitors across both the corporate and hospital markets to attract and retain talent.

Many think recruitment is the definition of success, however retention is the definition of successful recruitment. A proactive approach to physician satisfaction is an invaluable investment in the growth and stability of your business.

SCALE offers advisory and practical solutions to build a successful recruitment and retention program at your practice.

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DSO Leadership Summit Video

Becker’s Healthcare offers a suite of niche podcasts from every area of the healthcare industry landscape. Stream episodes that feature interviews and conversations on healthcare’s most pressing issues from the thought leaders who are tackling them every day

Scale in the News

Consulting Magazine: “Consulting Magazine Ranks Fastest Growing Firms for 2022”

Consulting Magazine

Consulting magazine announced its 2022 rankings for the Fastest Growing Firms, and SCALE Healthcare topped the list at #1! Michael Webb at Consulting Magazine writes, “Consulting Magazine is excited to recognize greatness in the profession. Identifying the Fastest Growing Firms in our industry is our way to point up success and continued good business practices….As a group, all delivered impressive numbers, with an average growth rate of 126.75%. Some firms delivered truly astounding growth, specifically SCALE Healthcare which topped the list delivering 626.76% growth.”

Firms were ranked according to the percentage growth of their annual revenue over a 36-month period (from Dec. 31 2019 to Dec. 31 2021).

Click here to read our Co-Founder & CEO’s, Roy Bejarano, Q&A interview in Consulting Magazine where he shares his thoughts on the main factors that contributed to SCALE Healthcare’s exceptional growth, how the firm has maintained growth during the unprecedented past three years, and the opportunities and challenges within the business of healthcare he anticipates in 2023 and beyond.

“Strategic partnerships in health care services: An untapped resource for accelerating growth”

Fast Company

Strategic partnerships are one of health care’s most underdeveloped value-creation strategies, despite providing organizations with a rich ecosystem ripe with creative growth tactics.

As the health care market matures and continues to evolve, securing the right partnerships for scaling organizations is moving to the top of health leaders’ agendas across the nation. CEOs and physician leaders are increasingly recognizing that partnerships can not only be a key accelerant for their growth, but also a necessary means for their organizations to keep up with health care’s changing needs. In this Fast Company article, our Co-Founder & CEO, Roy Bejarano, said that when executed correctly, strategic partnerships can create a strong off-market value proposition.

Click here to read more of Mr. Bejarano’s insights in Fast Company on how to secure the right partnerships and create long-lasting benefits for your healthcare business.

Latest Client Case Studies

ASC Development

Our Client was interested in adding single specialty ASC to its portfolio beginning in Northeast Florida. SCALE was engaged to help:

Payer Strategy - Pediatrics

SCALE Payer Strategy was engaged by a pediatric home service group facing deep reimbursement
rate cuts.

Sell-Side Preparedness: Market Study & Business Plan Validation

SCALE was engaged by a pain management MSO, in collaboration with a sell-side investment bank,
to perform a market study and business plan validation assessment. The Company’s business
model was centered around a differentiated MSO partnership model targeting and custom-tailored
to service the specific needs of community hospitals.

The Company’s innovative business model presented compelling growth opportunities but
represented a unique approach to servicing the market. As such, key objectives included:

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