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Bob Shatanoff, CPA

Interim CFO

Bob Shatanoff, CPA

Bob Shatanoff is the Interim CFO at SCALE Healthcare.
Email: | Phone: (727) 492-1514

Bob is a result driven CFO with proficiencies for getting organizations turned around to maximize profitability and streamline process flow. Outstanding strategic and tactical financial expertise in cost controls and revenue cycle management.

During his career he has worked in an MSO performing a turn around on revenue billing and collections. He was able to bring in Scale to improve collections from the insurance companies and the patients.  Addressed the administrative infrastructure, improve technology, and ramp up the system implementation. Bob has spent the last 12 years in healthcare from both the physician side and the payer side and how to address the changes.

He has reorganized the RCM function to reduced denials upfront and address changes in MA, Medicaid, and Medicare. Able to quickly identify various issues and to quickly pivot to address the issues and changes. Has also, Organized the RCM, and financial function for changes and to operate smarter, faster, better and to teach the team to take ownership in what they do and how it impacts the practice. Bob also works with vendors to improve terms and to help through the cash flow crunch, bankers on funding buy outs and PE to prepare for financial audits and QofE for the second sale.

Bob has been successful in bringing together the various silos of a healthcare practice into one ERP or CRM system. He has been responsible for restructuring the finance team to address the increase in revenue volume and changes in reimbursement by third party payers. With healthcare reimbursements constantly changing Bob has been very proactive in responding to the changes and the impact on the practice.

Bob graduated with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and a Masters in Taxation from DePaul University – Chicago

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