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SCALE Healthcare Receives Award for Best Online Health Education Platform

By: Stellar Business

The healthcare industry is a behemoth that encompasses elements of financial, technological, educational, and social considerations. Setting out to improve modern healthcare and help organizations modernize processes, scale, and educate is a lofty goal. It is a goal that New York-based SCALE Healthcare has taken on, setting out to help healthcare organizations stay up-to-date with modern technology, processes, and, especially, education resources. Their SCALE Education Platform has been lauded by Stellar Business as the Best Online Health Education Platform.

What Can the Healthcare Industry Do to Help with Educating Medical Personnel?

By: Roy Bejarano, Co-Founder and CEO of SCALE Healthcare

“Staying up-to-date on best practices can be overwhelming for medical professionals, regardless of their field or the responsibilities they have,” explained Roy Bejarano, CEO and co-founder of SCALE Healthcare. “To fill the gap, the healthcare industry needs to step in and partner with medical personnel in the area of education and training.”

“The healthcare industry is uniquely positioned to provide valuable educational resources to medical personnel,” Roy said. “Healthcare managers are as well-equipped as anyone to unearth, organize, and share practical lessons and tangible strategies with the potential to improve patient care.”

Amid big tech layoffs, some see a wave of change in the workforce

By: Ryan Bass

(NewsNation) — Fears of a recession are sweeping Silicon Valley, as tech giants like Google, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft slash jobs and cut costs.

Top 2023 Healthcare Organizational Adjustments

Read the “Top 2023 Healthcare Organizational Adjustments” by #scalehealthcare CoFounder and CEO, Roy Bejarano, where he talks about what healthcare organizations should keep an eye out for in 2023 and what internal considerations they may need to make to shift with the changing times in the healthcare industry.

Solutions When Healthcare Organizations Need Help

By: Jennifer Smith

Providing quality healthcare is a complex operation. Consequently, the problems that healthcare organizations face are also typically complicated. Without deep expertise in a wide range of systems, from patient care to claims processing to regulatory compliance, healthcare organizations will struggle to find truly effective and lasting solutions.

When healthcare organizations find themselves lacking the expertise they need to develop and deploy effective solutions, they turn to SCALE Healthcare. SCALE’s team of over 75 carefully-selected senior operational healthcare experts provides its clients with invaluable expertise in the full spectrum of healthcare management disciplines

Are Healthcare Organizations Outdated and In Need of More Innovative Technologies?

By: Bob Grahm

Article Date: 12-19-22

SCALE Healthcare is one company helping organizations broaden their solutions to multi-disciplinary challenges. Their solutions cover a wide range of healthcare organizations’ needs, from new market entry to talent acquisition to fully managed or outsourced solutions.

Having already worked with some of the nation’s largest healthcare platforms such as Solaris Health, Satellite Healthcare, OneGI, Pinnacle Fertility, and many more, the expertise offered by SCALE Healthcare has provided actionable insight for over 1,500 healthcare practices. A full-service consulting firm like SCALE could be just what some organizations need to pull them into the modern age of healthcare.

The Organization Solving Organizational Issues in Healthcare

By: Victor Williams

To be successful, healthcare organizations must do much more than practice medicine. Modern healthcare is a complex undertaking that requires expertise in finance, marketing, human resources, data analytics, and regulatory compliance, to name just a few of the responsibilities that come into play. For every doctor who engages with a patient, there are a dozen or more support staff responsible for carrying out a myriad of essential organizational tasks.

“Effectively managing today’s complicated healthcare companies requires expertise in a wide range of practice areas,” explains Roy Bejarano, CEO and co-founder of SCALE Healthcare. “For many companies, this means working with partners who can provide deep industry knowledge across a broad range of domains and specialties.”

One-On-One With Roy Bejarano of SCALE Healthcare

By: Roy Bejarano, Co-Founder and CEO of SCALE Healthcare

In October, Consulting Magazine announced its Fastest Growing Firms for 2022. The list was impressive, with an average growth rate of 126.75%. However, one firm delivered truly astounding growth. SCALE Healthcare topped the list delivering 626.76% growth in annual revenue over the past three years.

With such impressive numbers, it made sense to look into what goes into the achievement of such growth. Consulting Magazine caught up with Roy Bejarano, Co-Founder & CEO at SCALE Healthcare to gain some insight into the practice and philosophy behind such rapid growth.

Elevating Management Performance – SCALE Healthcare

By: Roy Bejarano, Co-Founder and CEO of SCALE Healthcare

Article Date: 10-24-22

In the latest article of Go Solo, our Co-Founder & CEO, Roy Bejarano, connects with Cat Domingo on entrepreneurialism and elevating management performance. For any healthcare experts interested in starting their own business and aren’t sure what to expect, click here to ready Mr. Bejarano’s Q&A where it originally appeared for best practices on how to start and grow your healthcare business.

Consulting Magazine: “Consulting Magazine Ranks Fastest Growing Firms for 2022”

By: Roy Bejarano, Co-Founder and CEO of SCALE Healthcare

Consulting magazine announced its 2022 rankings for the Fastest Growing Firms, and SCALE Healthcare topped the list at #1! Michael Webb at Consulting Magazine writes, “Consulting Magazine is excited to recognize greatness in the profession. Identifying the Fastest Growing Firms in our industry is our way to point up success and continued good business practices….As a group, all delivered impressive numbers, with an average growth rate of 126.75%. Some firms delivered truly astounding growth, specifically SCALE Healthcare which topped the list delivering 626.76% growth.”

Firms were ranked according to the percentage growth of their annual revenue over a 36-month period (from Dec. 31 2019 to Dec. 31 2021).

Click here to read our Co-Founder & CEO’s, Roy Bejarano, Q&A interview in Consulting Magazine where he shares his thoughts on the main factors that contributed to SCALE Healthcare’s exceptional growth, how the firm has maintained growth during the unprecedented past three years, and the opportunities and challenges within the business of healthcare he anticipates in 2023 and beyond.

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