SCALE Annual MSO Predictions Report 2021

Healthcare Services MSO Predictions for 2021

An excerpt of the full report is included below. Download the PDF for our full 2021 MSO operational discipline predictions.

Practice Strategy, Executive Oversight & Execution Project Management

SCALE Contributor:
Platform Development

Improving Practice Operations – Key Focus Areas

  • Continued desire to consolidate practices, whether driven independently by physicians or PE-based, creating a need for increased project management and deep domain expertise
    of nuanced processes
  • Many growing platforms seeking guidance and clarity regarding how to best structure and scale MSOs, align key stakeholders (e.g., MD retention) and deal with other issues such as cross-state
    platforms and implications of TIN integration. Platforms are working through the many layers of what integration can, should and should not mean across cultural and core functional domains
  • Practices failing to keep pace with market changes are facing steep indirect costs via missed value opportunities and gradually being outcompeted – need for strong, coordinated management leadership across key functions as well as sufficient investment in foundational reporting & analytics, technology solutions and branding & marketing
  • Continued growth in practices seeking to expand their ancillary and care coordination services and looking for ways capture revenue from multiple downstream services, not just E&M and procedures

Revenue Cycle Management

SCALE Contributor

Bobby Trenczer
President, SCALE RCM

SCALE Forecast

  • Creating and utilizing dynamic business analytics & dashboard reporting to monitor and improve quality, performance results and productivity efficiency
  • The AMA, with CMS’ support, updated coding guidelines for outpatient visits in 2021
  • Code based on Time or Medical Decision Making
  • Reduced documentation requirements – “appropriate” history and exam
  • Telemedicine expansion, ensuring compliant coding and documentation
  • Many multisite practices lag behind in centralized functions such as eligibility checks resulting in more expensive workflows
  • Growing emphasis on best practice protocols for patient balance collections
  • Improved contracted fee schedule rate management

IT / Data Systems

SCALE Contributor

David Kovel
Executive Partner
IT Systems &
Population Health Analytics

SCALE Forecast

  • Practice consolidation activity is driving questions around IT systems integration strategy – historical lack of in-house IT expertise across a broad portion of the market is creating confusion and reactive approaches to complex IT systems integration execution processes
  • Platforms of scale are gradually incorporating more strategic IT business plans into their scaling & investment strategies – process automation, advanced data analytics, claims analysis, etc.
  • Improved system and service integration through API capabilities of cloud systems (e.g., two-way texting, phone services, single sign on)
  • As coverage emerges, improved 5G cellular throughput for mobility outside of practice location and provisioned as network provider
  • Data mining and reporting for clinical outcomes management and value-based care participation
  • Continue increased tele-communication capabilities for provider to patient encounters, as well as support for remote practice workforce
  • Enhanced security roll-out through multi-factor authentication techniques (SMS, Phone applications)
  • Use of extraction and digitization methods for legacy medical records archiving on Cloud-based storage.
  • Use of robotic process automation to reduce labor costs associated with routine work processes

Download the PDF for our full list of 2021 MSO operational discipline predictions.

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