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Our Client formed as a new de novo business to provide tailored COVID-19 testing and ongoing symptom monitoring solutions to support employers in managing their employee return-to-work programs. The service offering required a customized portfolio of IT solutions to solve for various execution needs.

Our Client was previously solving for the range of needs through siloed and non-scalable solutions including multiple disparate systems, manual processes, and data tracking. Typical electronic medical record platforms were not conducive to supporting efficient workflows for ongoing patient engagement, as well as employer real-time tracking of employee return to work clearance status and lab testing results.

SCALE provided IT expertise and project management leadership needed to help our Client successfully design and implement an end-to-end IT program that facilitated the rapid rollout of its new on-site employee COVID-19 testing and daily symptom monitoring service for employers across the country.


Develop & deploy an end-to-end IT system that would support the immediate operationalization of Client’s new service line across multiple geographies, employer types/sizes and service offering types.

  • Daily symptom monitoring and attestation.
  • Interfaces & streamlined information access for various stakeholders.
  • Ongoing management of lab test & symptom tracking results and follow-up escalation.
  • Ongoing employer management of employee health clearance.
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SCALE managed the development and implementation of a new end-to-end IT system that successfully addressed our Client’s execution needs and business goals.


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