SCALE Extends Support to Those Affected by Cyberattack on ChangeHealthcare

In response to the recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare, SCALE RCM announces its commitment to assist all those affected by providing comprehensive support for revenue cycle management.


03/06/2024 – The recent cyberattack on our country’s leading national RCM clearinghouse has exposed key structural risks in the healthcare market. MSOs and practices have experienced a stoppage in claims submissions with no confirmed timeline for when full clearinghouse functionality will be restored.

With claim submission lag increasing by the day, the cash flow impact to healthcare providers across the country is expected to be meaningful. Potential workarounds – including switching clearinghouses and resorting to manual & paper-based claims submissions – are expected to take weeks to play out, as well as still require incremental human capital resources to work through backlog and workload imbalances across the full revenue cycle from claims submission to denials management to collections & posting.

Even in modern day digital world, in the face of adversity – whether cyberattacks, COVID, or the next crisis – having a rapidly scalable, redundant human capital solution can often determine how well your organization weathers the storm.

If you do not yet have a scalable, cost-effective strategy for navigating through the current clearinghouse crisis, we are here to help.

The SCALE MSO Offshore Center provides reliable, highly cost-effective, and currently available, RCM human capital solutions to address the needs of modern healthcare MSOs & practices.

SCALE MSO Offshore Center

  • High Quality MSO Services
  • Rapidly Scalable Human Capital Solutions
  • Cost Effective

Crisis Response Resources

  • Immediate RCM Stop Gap Resources
    • Manual & Paper Claims Submission
  • RCM Backlog Management
    • Claims Entry & Submission
    • Denials Management
    • Collections
    • Posting
  • Future Crisis Planning
    • Learn more about the full scope of the SCALE MSO Offshore Center for ongoing performance improvement, cost savings, and crisis preparation.

Please schedule a time to speak with us immediately for an immediate solution so your business can resume immediate payment posting.

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