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January 2023

SCALE Consulting has provided a broad array of execution support for clients in the Value Based Care (VBC) space. SCALE consulting has assisted clients in understanding VBC workflow and analytics, while developing strategies to improve client performance in 2023 and beyond. In VBC, SCALE Consulting has employed a multi-disciplinary approach for client success- including SCALE’s Payor Strategy, RCM, and Analytics teams.

Additionally, SCALE Consulting has performed multiple diligence assessments, turnaround projects, and business expansion projects over the last month, while expanding our consulting team to meet increased demand for SCALE’s service offerings.

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October 2022

SCALE Consulting has had a very busy month in our Optimization practice.  We are working with multiple dental platforms to identify and implement performance and structural improvements.  Our team has developed a new organization structure for a large radiology practice to manage existing demand and get prepared for expected exponential growth.  Finally, we are working with a behavioral health platform to standardize operational procedures and organization structure.

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September 2022

SCALE Consulting provided clients with leadership across 16 projects, focused on Assessments, Business Development, Project Management, and Due Diligence including Q of E.  Given SCALE Healthcare’s broad expertise, SCALE Consulting was able to utilize resources from SCALES allied lines of businesses on multiple projects.

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August 2022

SCALE Consulting is actively engaged on 14 projects providing clients with a broad spectrum of services including strategic planning, business development and project execution.  SCALE consulting is also providing strategic organizational and optimization services to a large hospital as well as continuing to provide Platform Sponsors with pre-and-post close diligence review, earnings verification, and growth analysis.

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July 2022

SCALE Consulting was engaged for a wide range of services this month including due diligence assessments that assist in the decision-making process for M&A, MSO formation advisory, and development of an ASC by a newly formed group of independent physicians. Our subject matter experts and advisors continue to work closely with our partners to identify opportunities to grow and improve health care delivery.

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June 2022

SCALE Consulting was engaged by three unique clients to complete assessments to evaluate the potential performance improvement in making a de novo ambulatory surgery center investment. SCALE was also engaged to complete several business assessments in order to support growth and investment by the practice sponsors.

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May 2022

SCALE Consulting was engaged to create an integration plan for a newly formed MSO focused on Ophthalmology. The plan provided the MSO with operational focus to allow the organization to achieve near-term success and a framework with which to scale the MSO as new physicians’ platforms are added. SCALE was further engaged to lead the RCM integration plan.

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April 2022

SCALE was engaged to assess the opportunity to build a single specialty ASC on behalf of an MSO. We evaluated the market opportunity, as well as developed a pre- and post-opening budget and execution plan for building, licensing and operating the ASC. We are proud to announce that as a result, we are now engaged to develop the ASC for this Client.

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March 2022

SCALE Consulting was engaged to form a start-up entity focused on value-based care delivery in Oncology. The Private Equity-backed start-up is focused on partnering with health care providers in national markets. SCALE is providing strategic guidance, the formation of execution of competitive strategy, and outsourced C-suite support the company.

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February 2022

SCALE Consulting is engaged in a multi-disciplinary project for a client focused on a range of project management and interim services including Interim CFO, IT, Human Resources, Marketing, and Market Research.

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January 2022

SCALE Consulting was engaged to provide a broad review and recommendation for an IT solution that would integrate two dental groups that merged and spanned 52 distinct office locations over multiple western states. We provided the client with a full understanding of their options, a roadmap for success, and a long-term plan for further scalability.

December 2021

2021 SCALE Consulting Highlights

112 new client engagements
28 due diligence engagements
21 portfolio company engagements
27 repeat engagements
6 PE portfolio company integrations
4 new MSO formation engagements

Our consulting work has been further strengthened this year by our expansion of core disciplines including RCM and Finance consulting, marketing, payer contracting, executive search, coding, compliance and more.

November 2021

SCALE was engaged by a sponsor client in 2019 to provide an assessment of two Urology practices, which were subsequently integrated into one entity. In early 2021, this new entity re-engaged SCALE to provide RCM strategy and oversight as well as improve Call Center operations. Most recently, we were engaged to provide an assessment and turnaround plan for one of their underperforming ASCs.

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October 2021

SCALE Consulting built a scalable OD partnership network strategy and execution plan for an ophthalmology practice. Using patient heat mapping, market research, and targeted interviews, we provided over 50 qualified partnership leads to the Client. In the second phase of the project, we are assisting the Client in partner selection, which will help the practice open new markets and build their brand.

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SCALE Consulting recommended an assessment of another Client’s medical supply spend, particularly relating to its ASC. After reviewing invoices and contracts, SCALE identified over $120K thousand in immediate net annual savings representing an almost 10% decrease in spend, which were achieved through using our network to sign more favorable agreements.

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September 2021

SCALE Consulting conducted a comprehensive, multi-department assessment of two multi-state DSOs as part of a larger effort to integrate the two organizations. SCALE’s analysis highlighted existing strengths, immediate needs, and longer-term opportunities for improvement, in collaboration with key department leaders from both organizations.

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SCALE Consulting performed due diligence on a large volume call center in order to address pain points that could hinder organic growth. SCALE successfully provided strategic advisory services on industry best practices that will be applied in house to elevate operational performance and strengthen organizational structure.

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August 2021

SCALE developed a new market entry business plan including analysis and execution roadmaps by functional area to advise its Client with new market regulatory evaluation and market research, market entry strategy development, and market entry execution planning. We continue to support our Client in proceeding through its new market entry execution phase.

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