SCALE Denial Management Platform

SCALE’s Denials Management Platform leverages your 835 data to give you visibility to denials and denial trends, track actions on denials and even delegate actions to specific members on your team.

In working with hundreds of specialty practices we’ve seen the frustration of countless RCM teams to get the information they need to collect the money their practice has earned. So we started with a simple premise. How do we take the data a practice already has and transform it into actionable
information on a simple interface? Our DMP is just that.

Visibility into Denials

Flexibility to sort them your way

Dispatch Functionality

Capability to route each denial
to the right person on your team

Status Capture

Notes & attachments capability,
providing visibility to what’s been done,
with a follow up date

Executive Dashboard

Management level visibility to help
you identify when denial patterns shift

Curious about the ways SCALE can benefit your organization?

Demos will be available starting March 22nd 2024. Please select a date and time that works for you on or after March 22nd

Denials Manager Platform


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