SCALE Healthcare Announces Expansion Plans with the Addition of Six New Subsidiaries and the Launch of a New Online Healthcare Education Program

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SCALE Healthcare has quickly risen in the US to become the leader in healthcare services consulting through its singular focus on helping management teams build modernized healthcare delivery systems that yield superior market results

SCALE Healthcare, the nation’s premier healthcare management consulting firm, today announced the addition of six new subsidiaries and the launch of a new online healthcare educational content platform, SCALE Education, that will elevate healthcare operations performance, leadership, and culture by offering insights from the nation’s top healthcare CEOs, expert market research analysis, and opportunities for peer engagement & collaboration.

Since the firm’s inception in 2019, SCALE Healthcare has quickly grown to employ +120 healthcare advisors plus operators in +10 cities across the US, expanded its offerings to include a full suite of multidisciplinary solutions, & grown to include 12 distinct but also highly synergistic subsidiaries.

SCALE Healthcare’s newest lineup of subsidiaries consist of:

1. SCALE Education
2. SCALE Market Research
3. SCALE Data Analytics
4. SCALE Compliance & Risk Management
6. Due Diligence
7. MSO Formation

SCALE Education, the firm’s new online healthcare education platform, is a fee-based service that aims to further educate and modernize an outdated healthcare operations performance system, keep health leaders and physicians up to date with the latest thought leadership perspectives, provide cultural insights from healthcare CEOs, house expert market research analysis, and provide an engaging, interactive platform for peers to collaborate. SCALE Education will offer subscribers access to the latest healthcare insights from the top health CEOs in the world through its monthly “Leadership Series,” market research insights from leading healthcare data scientists, annual industry predictions from top industry leaders, proprietary research from SCALE’s top thought leadership content, and data reports that dig deep into challenges the healthcare industry faces, and more.

“The Private Equity industry has continued to invest heavily in healthcare service companies during and post the pandemic. As a result, there is growing demand for healthcare management consultants who have first-hand business knowledge,” said Roy Bejarano, Co-Founder and CEO, SCALE Healthcare. “We’re seeing more of a need to help these healthcare organizations and their physicians prepare for rapid and sustainable growth and we have a unique breadth of multidisciplinary services and knowledge to do so.”

SCALE Healthcare’s team of healthcare management consultants and its industry partners are a collection of well-known executives with real-world business experience in the healthcare industry. The firm provides relevant experience across every management discipline and clinical specialty that falls within healthcare services.

“SCALE’s multidisciplinary approach is a one-stop shop for healthcare companies looking to rapidly scale,” said Jason Schifman, Co-Founder and President, SCALE Healthcare. “We provide a broad range of solutions because we believe that narrow solutions can’t solve for today’s multi-disciplinary challenges that are facing our healthcare leaders during this dynamic period of change.”

“We not only offer solutions on how to scale healthcare businesses, but we also offer the reasons behind these recommendations. We are proud to be true business partners to our physician leaders, with their unique goals always top of mind. This is our differentiator, and it’s why we believe we’ve grown so rapidly in just three years – it’s very telling of where the healthcare industry is at now,” stated Mr. Bejarano. “We, too, look forward to scaling with our clients and physician partners as the industry evolves.”

To subscribe to SCALE Education, click here.

About SCALE Healthcare

SCALE Healthcare, founded in 2019, is the only healthcare management consulting firm in the US to offer a full range of multidisciplinary solutions exclusively to healthcare service organizations including provider platforms, hospital systems, and healthcare focused private equity groups. At SCALE Healthcare, our team of 100+ operational experts closely advise the nation’s top healthcare CEOs, executives, management teams, physician leaders and their organizations to accelerate growth & elevate management performance across healthcare services. We provide relevant, proven experience across every management discipline and clinical specialty that falls within healthcare services. Our team of advisors bring extensive healthcare knowledge in a broad range of specialty practice areas, providing our client partners with comprehensive, best-in-class insight and recommendations.

SCALE Healthcare’s lineup of companies includes:

1. SCALE Education
2. SCALE Marketing
3. SCALE Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
4. SCALE Finance
5. SCALE Talent Search
6. SCALE Compliance & Risk Management
7. SCALE Corporate Development
9. SCALE Consulting
10. SCALE Data Analytics
11. SCALE Market Research
12. SCALE Due Diligence

SCALE Healthcare is headquartered in New York City, with local market presence in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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