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SCALE Marketing

SCALE Marketing is unlike other Marketing Service providers, offering the perfect combination of C-suite marketing strategy and analytics, full-service creative agency, and program oversight & execution. As a leader in healthcare services, SCALE Marketing is uniquely qualified to help you build a successful strategy to accelerate your organization’s growth objectives.


Direct to Patient Marketing

Client Profile

9 Providers

Our Client was adding a new provider to their existing practice and had plans open a third location. They needed to grow patient traffic to fill the resulting increase in capacity. The Client’s website was on a proprietary platform and in need of a redesign. There was no regular content creation or social media engagement and there was little paid digital advertising.

SCALE was engaged to create a targeted marketing plan to drive short-term incremental growth to support onboarding of new provider, identity and prioritize marketing programs and infrastructure opportunities to drive reliable and cost-effective growth, and develop a market entry strategy and execution plan to support new practice opening

Why SCALE Marketing?

We understand the common frustrations with healthcare marketing.

Create an Effective Brand Strategy

Identify the best branding strategies, effective messaging and communication, and marketing spend allocation specific to your business’s needs and goals.

Develop Management Processes

Embed marketing as part of the C-Suite, expand your marketing focus beyond patient experience and acquisition, and oversee one complete marketing strategy.

Measure Marketing KPIs and ROI

Establish a system to capture, measure, and analyze marketing initiative performance and value for continued, optimal results.

Maintain a Consistent Marketing Program

Partner with an agency that understands your business, has a broad customer journey focus, creative strategies, and integrates seamlessly.


SCALE Marketing Services

SCALE Marketing provides strategic solutions for all aspects of provider platform growth.

Marketing Diligence & Assessment





Performance Enhancement


How We Work

Marketing is most effective when tied to the overall business strategy and coordinated with other disciplines such as payor contracting, facilities, and operations. SCALE Marketing offers a comprehensive approach with deep expertise and practical solutions.

What Our Client Partners Say

Our multi-disciplinary team brings an average of 20+ years’ experience to every client engagement

CRM Design and Implementation

Leverage CRM solutions to provide relevant and personalized engagement with patients, providers, and partners.

Automated Marketing & Programmatic Ad Bidding

Lead Capture, Nurture and Conversion

Patient Engagement, Adherence & Retention

Provider/Team Communication & Retention

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