People and Organizational Structure

With a focus on building a culture of performance, SCALE combines industry experience with organizational vision to assess organizational structure, current performance metrics, roles and responsibilities, decision making channels, and more.

A comprehensive change management plan is built to lead transformative and meaningful change within the workforce. No matter the institution, non-profit or for-profit, single specialty or multi-specialty, health system or independent physician group, excellence in care delivery and financial outcome depends on a highly functional management culture.

The SCALE Difference

Assisting health care organizations develop and maintain a purposeful and effective team.

Human Resources and Operational Expertise

SCALE is a team of experienced operational leaders coming together to help clients execute on Mission, Vision and Purpose.

Practical Solutions

SCALE works with clients to develop and implement innovative solutions to improve and sustain workforce performance.

Advisory Partners

Supporting health care leaders to inspire positive change and readiness for growth.

Dyad Leadership Structure

A best practice in healthcare leadership, a dyad structure combines clinical and administrative skillsets for effective organizational oversight.

Suite of Services

Decision Making

Aligning the leadership team, physicians and administrators, to use the right data to enhance organizational performance and build a sustainable governance structure that supports organizational vision and culture.

Culture of Performance

One of the essential steps toward a high performing organization is clearly defined vision supported by an operating model and structure designed to enable discipline about data driven decision making with flexibility to adjust strategy to a changing marketplace.

Organizational Structure Assessment and Design

Assessment of strengths and weaknesses in the skills required to transform to a high performing organization.  Institute processes and people to support growth and sustain change.

Organizational Performance Measurement

Functional key performance indicator (KPI) development and utilization to assist leaders to improve performance and pivot to new priorities. Developing feedback loops that support continuous improvement.

Change Management

Creation of practical implementation plans to build a structure and culture to support performance improvement and enhance the growth of team members.

Client Profile


Radiology Service Line

 SCALE successfully helped client redesign the organizational structure in the Radiology
service line in order to meet the growth objectives for the health system and the broader
patient population.

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