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A growing Provider organization is not only competing with their fellow practices but with a slew of other competitors across both the corporate and hospital markets to attract and retain talent.

Many think recruitment is the definition of success, however retention is the definition of successful recruitment.  A proactive approach to physician satisfaction is an invaluable investment in the growth and stability of your business.

SCALE offers advisory and practical solutions to build a successful recruitment and retention program at your practice.

“How are we supposed to find enough candidates given the competition from larger leading hospitals and health systems.”

Every MSO CEO Struggling with Provider Recruitment

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Provider Recruitment and Retention – Our Process

Build a Formal Recruiting Program

Strategic, Analytical Project Management

Marketing Strategy, Outreach, and Tracking

Executive and Talent Recruiting Best Practice

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Provider Recruitment and Retention Tactics

Provider Recruitment and Retention Leadership Team

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Roy Bejarano

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SCALE Provider Recruitment and Retention Overview

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