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SCALE Healthcare Offshore Center

The SCALE Healthcare Offshore Center provides a suite of services designed to enhance the efficiency and scalability of multisite healthcare organizations. By leveraging global talent, advanced technology, seasoned management and proven processes, we provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers and management services organizations.

SCALE Healthcare Offshore Center

The SCALE Healthcare Offshore Center provides reliable managed services & human capital solutions
to address the needs of modern multisite healthcare organizations.

Multisite Healthcare Specialists

Best-in-Class Quality

Cost Efficient

Clients typically realize a 20-50%+ reduction in cost through the SCALE Healthcare Offshore Center.

Leverage the SCALE Healthcare Offshore Center

Clients can realize value through the SCALE Healthcare Offshore Center via
two flexible models to meet organization-specific objectives & needs.

Model 1:

Fully Managed Services

Our Fully Managed Services offer a comprehensive solution where we manage end-to-end departments and functions.


By entrusting us with full control of your outsourcing needs, clients can leverage our specialized expertise. We bring in-depth knowledge and experience to handle all functions efficiently.

Outsourcing services can lead to significant cost savings for clients. By eliminating the need to hire and train in-house staff, manage infrastructure, and invest in technology, clients can optimize their expenses. Our streamlined processes ensure efficient and cost-effective service delivery.

Clients can increase productivity and competitiveness by redirecting their focus and resources towards core business activities.
Rely on proven, reliable and scalable operational programs. Mitigate execution risks, as well as the complexity and risk associated with internal department builds.

Model 2:

Staff Augmentation Services

With our Staff Augmentation model, clients can augment existing teams with individual members of our highly skilled team. This model provides the flexibility to cost effectively scale your workforce while maintaining best-in-class performance quality.


With staff augmentation, clients retain their management leadership and internal teams, building a dynamic “hybrid” organizational structure. Allocate the staff augmentation resources to the specific departments, functions and tasks that your management leadership wants to prioritize.

Clients can often realize a 50+% cost reduction.

Our assigned resources come with robust training and on-going oversight from SCALE’s operational management leadership. Staff augmentation offers scalability to meet demands as organizations grow.

Augmented resources seamlessly integrate with the client’s existing teams. This fosters collaboration, knowledge transfer, and alignment with the organization’s culture and goals.

The SCALE MSO Offshore Center provides reliable managed services & human capital solutions to address the needs of modern multisite healthcare organizations.

SCALE Healthcare Offshore Center Services

Optimize financial performance with our RCM services, including patient registration, insurance verification, medical billing, and collections. Offshoring RCM reduces administrative burdens and improves cash flow.

Ensure compliance and reduce delays with our credentialing services. Our experts handle paperwork and verification, facilitating smoother provider enrollments and renewals.

Our certified medical coders provide accurate, compliant coding, ensuring correct interpretation and billing of medical records. This precision maximizes compliance, avoid missed revenue, and minimizes denials.

IT / Data Analytics

Harness data with our IT and Data Analytics services. From implementing EHRs to complex data analysis, our offshore team helps you make data-driven decisions to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

Call Center Services

Enhance patient satisfaction with our 24/7 call center services, including appointment scheduling, patient inquiries, and support. Our trained professionals ensure high standards of customer service and patient care.

Our finance and accounting services cover all aspects of financial management, from accounting to AP/payroll management to financial reporting and analytics. 

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