A Strong Foundation

Our program seeks to implement robust, scalable programs across the end-to-end spectrum of physician practice operational functions.

Cultivate a Strong Foundation

Our approach is to begin with defining the end goal and then building a bridge to get there. Once target objectives are clearly defined, the rest of the journey is about well-orchestrated execution and avoiding obstacles along the way.

During the initial phase of our engagements, we spend a considerable amount of time working with our partners to uncover and define what type of business they are striving to be. What are the core business goals, motivations, priorities and strategic needs?

With the roadmap defined, SPG advocates for and supports implementation of best-practice governance structures designed to promote effective roadmap execution.


Defined Board structure, Board and full Member meeting frequency and stakeholder alignment.

Transparency and Informed Decision-Making

Executive summary reporting on key performance indicators, as well as robust analytics to ground decision-making across all disciplines.


Physician committees for physician involvement in key initiatives, such as specific IT projects, cost containment, personnel management and other.

Ready for Scale

Separate formed and operational clinical and non-clinical MSO entities.

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